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We offer the entire gamut of spectacle lenses, be it single vision, bifocals or progressive. Our lenses are available in a variety of materials such as glass, polymer and polycarbonate incorporated with any prescription lens, ranging from single vision to progressives.

a) Glass (Single vision, bifocals and progressives)

We retail glass lenses of a variety of world-renowned brands such as Corning, Shamir and Rodenstock among many others.

b) Plastic (Single vision, bifocals and progressives)

We have a variety of brands in plastic lenses for different purposes –

Essilor range of lenses:

  • Progressive lenses like state of the art Varilux lenses and others such as Xion
  • Xperio which is a polarised lens
  • Titus-Trio-Crizal-Crizal A2 for single vision

For all categories:

  • Transitions and Nikon range of lenses
  • Rodenstock range of lenses
  • Seiko range of lenses
  • Shamir range of lenses
  • Kodak range of lenses
  • Hoya range of lenses