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An essential part of getting a pair of eyeglasses is the lenses. Lenses are made from three materials: plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. Plastic, the most used material for lenses, is impact resistant and lightweight but partial to easily being scratched. Glass is still used for lenses and is scratch resistant but heavy and breakable. Most […]

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Contact lenses are small visual devices made with curved pieces of plastic shaped in a way to conform directly to the wearer’s eye. They provide an artificial refracting surface to the human eye and are used to correct vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia. Contact lenses aid in eye focusing in the same manner as […]

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Type Of Frames Metal frames : have a longer life but tend to need more maintenance than plastic ones. Some people can be allergic to certain metals. If you have sensitive skin please look for nickal frames or titanium frames Plastic Frames : are typically lighter than metal. Some types of plastic contract and expand […]

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Sun glass or light conditioners are a rage among youth and are a style statement. But these sleek glasses have a priceless benefit to accomplish. They modify incoming light to match it to your eyes with the help of latest technology. They act as protective coating from direct light like the UV rays and the […]

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